“You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it.”

Hair can make you look and feel like a totally new person. I have been experimenting with different hairstyles for the longest time. Short hair, long, straight, curly, bob cut, kinky curl, dyeing different hair colours, you name it, I probably have done it. The only problem with doing all those things to your hair is you’ll end up damaging it if you’re not careful. I have had my hair fried and become so brittle after a bad rebonding and bleaching. It was a nightmare for me.

I have always loved hair extensions. I started playing around with hair extensions when I was 17. I remember having short hair at that time and I thought my hair took too long to grow so I got my first set of hair extensions. It was cheap and I look very funny.

I want to share something pretty personal with you my beauties. At the age of 23 I started to realise I’m losing a bunch of hair on a daily basis. I have some medical problem that cause me to shed a lot of hair. I have very low iron and my blood was low too. I’ve tried everything but nothing work. I was diagnosed with cancer recently. One of the side effect of my medication is hair loss. My hair continue to shed and the thinning was so bad that I could easily see my scalp. For a woman it hit me pretty hard. I decided to chop my hair super short.

I decided to give wig a go. At this time hair extensions isn’t going to help with my visible scalp situation. My first try with a wig was scary. I have no clue how to put it on. I spend hours watching youtube videos and I was so anxious going out thinking everyone was going to judge me. To my surprise people actually can’t tell that I got a wig on. I’m thinking now why isn’t wig normalise here in Singapore? I know my friends in the states rocking their wig all day everyday. I think wig is cool. You can change up your look without damaging your hair. You’ll never get bored of the same hairstyle and hair colour! I get to live my dream of having blonde hair!

I prefer lace front wig because it look more natural. Beginners wig wearer always go for wig with bangs. It’s the safest choice. I’m not going to go into detail on different type of wigs. That’s a whole other article by itself. I’m not a wig expert. I still have trouble putting on my wig.

I’m here today not to share my sad story but trying to share awesome wigs and hair extensions you can get here in Singapore! You know I’m always about supporting the local business. I don’t have a long list but I will definitely update this list when I find more.

1.) Andrea & Weave Hair

I LOVE Andrea. She’s the best. Her hair line is amazing and she’s super helpful and friendly. She respond to me every time I have problem with my wig. She help me slay my wig game. You can order wig and hair extensions straight from her. You can go to her profile and checkout how she use it on her client. You can DM her and make an appointment if you want to take a look at the hair in person before you purchase. You can go bold with your look as she carry a lot of colourful wig. Transform yourself into insta baddie within minutes! Follow her official business instagram.

source: instagram @andreaandweave

2.) Girl Hairdo

The owner of this shop is super friendly. I’ve been buying hair extensions from girl hairdo for 9 years now! They carry a lot of wigs and hair extensions. They also have hair accessories and wig care product. I like their partial wig because this one look the most natural. If you’re a beginner you can try this. You can order your hair online or you can head down to their shop and maybe try on some of the wigs or hair extensions. Follow them on Instagram they always update on their new stocks. Shop here.

Address: Midpoint Orchard #03-05

Source: Instagram @Girlhairdo
Source: instagram @Girlhairdo

3.) Luxetress

They specialises in hair extensions. If you want nice, thick, beautiful long hair in an instant you can check them out. I manage to check out their line of hair at Celeb fest. They definitely carry great quality extensions and the best part it’s affordable! For under $100 you get to have long luscious beautiful looking hair! That’s a win! If you have problem putting on your extensions, The founder of Luxetress, Wirda Elliesa, have a couple of tutorials up on their instagram. Go check out their website to purchase your hair extensions and follow them on Instagram.

Source: Instagram @luxetress_
Source: Instagram @luxetress_

So there you go! Let’s start shopping for new hair now! I will update this list in the future if I found more amazing local brand. Follow me on all socials (Instagram, Twitter). Do tag me and let me know if you actually have tried hair extensions or wigs. I want to see how fabulous you look. Until next time beauties!

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